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I grew up and still live in the Pacific Northwest one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Mountains, forest and sea are integrated into my personal landscape. Putting hands to wood and endeavoring to make something of it have occupied me since boyhood.


My first adult job had me apprenticed to a cranky Norwegian master carpenter, building yacht interiors for a then large company. Over 30 years now I have continued as a marine interior contractor, working with local long time clients and large yacht builders in the US.


The free joy of creativity has led me to making studio furniture. It’s an exercise in being in the present moment.

Botanomorphic, my current series of studio furniture, aims to “bring the botany back out of the board”.  I use steam bending, sandblasting, acrylic paint to push the traditional boundaries of woodworking, with juxtaposition of formal and organic elements. 



I do is make studio furniture, marine interiors, cabinets of all kinds, limited run production furniture and a lot of sawdust.  My work has sailed the seven seas and sat people in the USA, Canada, Japan and Germany.